Emergencies can strike when least expected, making it crucial to be prepared and quickly access essential contact information. In Namibia, a beautiful country known for its diverse landscapes and rich culture, it is essential to know the correct emergency numbers to seek assistance promptly. This blog post will provide a comprehensive guide to all the crucial emergency numbers in Namibia, ensuring that you can take immediate action in times of crisis.


1. Police Emergency Number:

In Namibia, dialing 10111 will connect you to the Namibian Police, who will respond to any situation requiring law enforcement, including criminal activities, accidents, and public disturbances. This number is vital for ensuring your safety and the well-being of the community.

2. Ambulance Services:

For medical emergencies, dial 10177 to reach emergency medical services. The Namibian ambulance services are well-trained to handle various medical crises, and calling this number could be a matter of life and death.

3. Fire and Rescue Services: 

In case of a fire or any other emergency requiring immediate response from firefighters and rescue teams, dial 112. The Fire and Rescue Services will swiftly dispatch their units to handle the situation and prevent further damage.

4. Emergency Helpline for Tourists:

If you are a tourist visiting Namibia and encounter an emergency, dial the 24/7 emergency helpline for tourists at +264 61 290 6000. This number is specifically designed to assist tourists in need of help, offering support and guidance in various languages.

5. Medical Poison Information Centre:

For any poisoning emergencies or questions regarding potentially harmful substances, contact the Medical Poison Information Centre at +264 61 203 377. Trained medical professionals are available around the clock to provide essential guidance.


6. National Emergency Response:

In case of a national disaster or major crisis, contact the National Emergency Management Unit at +264 61 284 7200. This line is designed to coordinate response efforts during large-scale emergencies and natural disasters.




Ambulance and Fire: 061 21-1111
Police: 061 10 111
Medicity Private Hospital, Cnr Heliodoor & Eros Rd: 061 – 433 1000
Oshipangelo State Hospital, Florence Nightingale Street: 061 203 9111
Roman Catholic Hospital, 92 Stübel Street: 061 270 2911
Rhino Park Private Hospital, Hosea Kutako Drive: 061 375 000


Police: 063 10 111
Ambulance: 063 22 33 88
Fire Brigade: 063 22 12 11
Hospital: 063 22 33 88


Emergency: 922
Police: 064 10 111
Ambulance: 064 40 5731
Fire Brigade: 064 410 4111


Police: 067 10 111
Ambulance: 067 303 734
Fire Brigade: 067 30 4444
Hospital: 067 302 491
Aeromed Otji. (Cell): 081 129 6300
Aeromed Otji. (Office): 067 302 411


Police: 066 10 111
Ambulance: 066 255 025
Hospital: 066 255 025


Police: 067 10 111
Ambulance: 067 22 1082
Hospital: 067 22 1082


Access to the correct emergency numbers can significantly affect how effectively emergencies are managed and dealt with. Memorizing these crucial numbers in Namibia can be a life-saving practice, ensuring that you can quickly reach out for assistance in times of need. Whether you are a resident or a visitor, knowing these emergency numbers can help protect you, your loved ones, and the wider community. Stay safe, be prepared, and remember that swift action during emergencies can save lives.

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