Hey there, my fellow travel enthusiast! If you’re looking for a mind-blowing desert experience, you’re in for a treat. I’ve got the scoop on Namib-Naukluft National Park, home to the famous Sossusvlei, DeadVlei, and Sesriem. Grab your virtual hiking boots, and let’s dive into this extraordinary African wonderland!


Where to Stay

Let’s start with where you can rest your weary (but oh-so-happy) traveler’s bones after a day of desert exploration.

Sesriem Campsite: Nestled within the park, this is the only campsite around. What’s great is that it’s got a pool, a restaurant, and even a bar to unwind after a day of adventures.

Sossus Oasis Lodge: If camping isn’t your style, the Sossus Oasis Lodge offers comfortable accommodations with beautiful views of the desert.

Sossusvlei Lodge: A stay at this lodge means you’re just a stone’s throw away from the park’s entrance. Convenience and stunning surroundings? Yes, please!

Desert Quiver Camp: Want to get closer to nature without sacrificing comfort? Try the Desert Quiver Camp’s self-catering accommodation.

Sossus Dune Lodge: This eco-friendly lodge offers a unique desert experience right in the heart of the park.

Little Kulala: For a touch of luxury, Little Kulala is an oasis of comfort with awe-inspiring desert vistas.

And Beyond Sossusvlei Mountain Lodge: If you’re seeking unparalleled luxury in the wilderness, this lodge is your best bet.

Sesriem Oshana Campsite: Another camping option, this campsite offers a serene experience in the desert.

DeadVlei Valley Lodge: Stay here for easy access to the mesmerizing DeadVlei.

Kulala Desert Lodge: Comfort and style meet the desert at Kulala Desert Lodge.

Now that we’ve got your lodging sorted, let’s dive into the exciting activities that await you.


Things to Do

Climb Dune 45: Challenge yourself to conquer the iconic Dune 45. Trust me; the sunrise view from the top is worth every grain of sand you’ll encounter on the way up!

Climb Big Daddy: Feeling extra adventurous? Big Daddy is even taller than Dune 45 and offers an even more breathtaking view.

Photograph DeadVlei: The eerily beautiful, dead trees set against the backdrop of crimson dunes make DeadVlei a photographer’s dream.

Go Hot Air Ballooning: Take to the skies and witness the splendor of the Namib Desert from a hot air balloon. It’s a memory you’ll cherish forever.

Take a Scenic Flight: If ballooning isn’t your thing, hop on a scenic flight to soak in the vastness of the desert from above.

Hike Through Sesriem Canyon: Explore this deep, narrow gorge carved by the Tsauchab River. It’s a hidden gem waiting to be discovered.

Do Some Stargazing: With minimal light pollution, the night sky in Namib-Naukluft is a canvas of stars. Lay back and be awed by the Milky Way.

Explore Elim Dune: This is the closest dune to Sesriem, making it a great option for a quick hike and panoramic views.

Visit HiddenVlei: Less crowded than DeadVlei, HiddenVlei offers its otherworldly charm.

Quad Biking with Little Kulala: For an adrenaline rush, explore the dunes on a quad bike guided by the experts at Little Kulala.

Roll Down the Sand Dunes: Embrace your inner child and roll down the towering dunes. It’s a simple joy you won’t want to miss.

Guided Walks: Many lodges offer guided walks, providing you with a chance to learn about the unique desert ecosystem.

Scenic Drives: Most lodges offer scenic drives that take you through the desert’s mesmerizing landscapes.

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