Namibia is a country in the southern part of Africa, which shares borders with the Atlantic Ocean and land borders with Zambia, Angola, Botswana, Zimbabwe, and South Africa.


The country is also known as the land of endless horizons. Namibia got its independence on 21 March 1990. The capital city of Namibia is Windhoek and the country has a total population of 2.6 million. It’s a great destination to visit in Africa. When visiting Namibia, there are 10 places you must visit.

1. Epupa Falls

This is a beautiful series of large waterfalls located on the Kunene river. It’s bordered by Angola and Namibia. The falls plummet down 40 meters deep gorge.

In the Herero language, Epupa means falling water, and the settlement near the falls is also called Epupa. It’s not easy to reach the falls as the roads are a bit tricky, you should drive there with a 4×4 vehicle. The best time to visit the falls is in April and May, just after the rainy season.

2. The Cape Cross Seal Colony

This is where the world’s largest colony of Cape Fur Seals can be found. Its name comes from the Padrão (stone cross) that Diogo Cão first erected in 1486.

The Namibian government oversees the protection of the Cape Cross Seal Reserve. The colony has 80 000 to 100 000 seals. The best time to visit is late October when the male seals return to fight for their territory and breeding rights.

3. The Fish River Canyon 

This is the largest canyon in Africa and the second largest in the world after the Grand canyon. It features a gigantic ravine, a total of 160km long, 27km wide, and in most places 550 meters deep.

As its name implies, the fish river canyon comes from the fish river which is the longest river in Namibia. It’s worth visiting the canyon as it’s so tranquil.

The greatest way to discover its distinctive geology, plants, and fauna is on a hike through the canyon. You can hike the canyon for 4 to 5 days but will need a permit to hike. Hiking can only be done between April and September.

4. The Skeleton Coast 

The Skeleton coast is where the Atlantic ocean meets the Namib desert. It is located on the northern part of the Namibian coastline. It’s known to be home to the largest ship graveyard in the world. There are around 500 wrecked ships, along with bones and skeletons of whales and other animals.

The Skeleton coast was named “The Gates of Hell” by Portuguese sailors and “The land God made in Anger” by the San Bushmen. This place is worth visiting as it has so much history. You can visit it all year round.

5. Sossusvlei 


Sossusvlei is a gold and clay pan surrounded by high Dunes located in the southern part of the Namib desert. It has some of the tallest dunes on earth and they are constantly moving with the wind. Sossusvlei means surrounding area.

These dunes will leave you in awe of our planet, it’s so beautiful and peaceful. This is the most photographed area in the whole of Namibia.

Deadvlei is part of Sossusvlei and you can only get here with a 4×4 vehicle. It’s a sensational experience you should not miss when visiting Namibia.

6. Namib Desert 

This is the world’s oldest desert, it’s 40 million years old. You find Dune 45 here, it’s called so because it’s 45km away from Sesriem. The highest Dune – Big Daddy which is 325 meters high is also found here.

The Namib desert is a coastal desert in southern Africa. The name Namib means the vast place in khoekhoegowab. It is also known as the Diamond desert.

7. Etosha National Park 

You have to experience the Safari in Etosha National Park. You get the chance to see the big 4 of the big 5 except the buffalo. You find the biggest Elephants in the world here.

This is the biggest National Park in Namibia. It’s so big that animals migrate in the park according to season.

Etosha means Great wide place/space which refers to a big salt pan that is in the middle of the park. It is full of minerals. The park has man-made and natural watering holes. The best time to visit Etosha National Park is at the end of the dry season. This gives you a better chance of seeing more wild animals when they come to the waterholes.

8. Spitzkoppe 

It has incredible rock formations and stunning valleys. Spitzkoppe is known as the Matterhorn of Africa or Pointed Dome and is located in Damaraland.

It’s a group of bald granites or inselbergs which are more than 120 million years old. The Spitzkoppe is a popular mountaineering, hiking, and camping destination in Namibia. It’s the most photographed mountain motif of Namibia.

9. Luderitz 

It’s a beautiful colorful German colonial coastal town on the Atlantic coast. Its most visited spots are Felsen Kirche, the colorful buildings on Kirch street, and the harbor.

Luderitz means a port in Namibia: a diamond-mining center.

The town has several historical sites, which are worth visiting. You will get to see wildlife as well including seals, penguins, flamingos, and ostriches.

10. Windhoek 

Windhoek is the capital city of Namibia. Windhoek boasts a nice selection of eateries, bars, and shops in the city’s heart and some beautiful scenery right beyond its doors.

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