Transportation plays such an important part in all our lives, it’s impossible to walk everywhere. The are so many different modes of transportation in Windhoek that you can use to get around, be it public or private. Here I will share with you the three different public transportation you will find in Windhoek.


1. Taxi 

This is a normal cab but it’s called a Taxi in Namibia. You mostly get them everywhere and it’s more commonly used than the others. This is the smallest form. All taxis in Namibia have huge Letters and numbers written on them. The numbers are displayed on the side and back window screens of the vehicles and are written in blue. If any driver claims to be a taxi but doesn’t have these numbers, please don’t enter the vehicle.

You can pay the taxi fare anytime from the time you enter to the moment you get dropped off. Most people only pay once they are close to their drop-off destination. You will get dropped off at the entrance of a shopping center or building but if you are going to a residential area you get dropped off at the start of the street. You can request to be dropped off at the exact house and will have to pay double the taxi fare.

You don’t have to wait at a taxi rank, they pick you up anywhere along the roads. The taxi fare is currently N$13.00.


Photo credit @TheNamibian
2. Minibus

You find this form of transportation at bus stops. They are cheaper than the small taxis but also have the same rules as those of Taxis. They are also branded with numbers and letters.

The only downside to the minibusses is that you have to seat and wait till it gets full for the driver to start driving. It’s not the best if you are in a rush. The taxi fare currently is N$10.00.

Photo credit @TheNamibian
3. Municipality Bus

The municipality bus is a big bus and only drives to specific places. You will find the location or area it drives to at the front of the bus. This bus mostly only operates in the mornings and the knock-off time which around 5 pm.

You have to line up for this bus at bus stops as it gets full fast and it works on a first-come, first-entrance basis. You pay the transport fare the moment you enter the bus. The bus takes more than 66 people and the bus fare is N$8.50.

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