The Avenue Lounge is a vibrant and stylish restaurant located in the heart of Windhoek, the capital city of Namibia. Renowned for its elegant ambiance, delectable cuisine, and impeccable service, The Avenue Lounge offers a memorable dining experience for locals and tourists alike.


Upon entering The Avenue Lounge, guests are greeted by a modern and sophisticated interior design that exudes comfort and luxury. The spacious dining area features a combination of cozy booths and elegant tables, creating an inviting atmosphere for intimate dinners or larger gatherings. The restaurant also boasts a well-stocked bar area, perfect for enjoying handcrafted cocktails, fine wines, and a wide selection of spirits.

The culinary offerings at The Avenue Lounge are a delightful blend of international flavors and local Namibian influences. The talented team of chefs curates a menu that showcases the finest ingredients sourced from local farmers and suppliers, ensuring freshness and quality in every dish. From mouthwatering starters to sumptuous main courses and decadent desserts, the menu caters to diverse palates and dietary preferences.

For starters, patrons can indulge in tantalizing options such as Namibian oysters on the half shell, prawn cocktail with avocado mousse, or crispy calamari with lemon aioli. The main course selection offers a range of options, including grilled Namibian beef fillet, pan-seared line fish with citrus beurre blanc, or roasted butternut and sage risotto for vegetarian guests. To complete the dining experience, The Avenue Lounge offers an array of delectable desserts, including chocolate lava cake, vanilla panna cotta, and a selection of artisanal cheese.


The Avenue Lounge takes pride in its exceptional service, with a dedicated and knowledgeable staff that is attentive to guests’ needs. The team strives to create a warm and welcoming environment, ensuring a memorable dining experience from start to finish.

In addition to its outstanding cuisine, The Avenue Lounge also hosts live music performances and special events, providing a dynamic and entertaining atmosphere for guests. Whether it’s a romantic date night, a celebration with friends, or a business gathering, The Avenue Lounge offers the perfect setting for any occasion.

Located in the heart of Windhoek, The Avenue Lounge is easily accessible and convenient for both locals and tourists. Its central location makes it an ideal choice for pre-theater dinners, after-work drinks, or a leisurely weekend brunch.

In summary, The Avenue Lounge in Windhoek, Namibia, is a premier dining destination that offers a sophisticated atmosphere, delectable cuisine, and impeccable service. With its blend of international flavors and local influences, it caters to diverse tastes, ensuring a memorable experience for all who visit. Whether you’re seeking a refined dinner, a relaxed brunch, or a lively evening out, The Avenue Lounge promises to deliver an exceptional culinary journey in the heart of Namibia’s capital city. publishes and updates the contact details of The Avenue Lounge in Windhoek; location and directions, telephone numbers, fax numbers, address, email addresses, postal address, services offered, and restaurant information.

The Avenue Lounge in Windhoek


416 Independence Ave, Windhoek

Contact Details

061 236915


[email protected]

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