Namibia, a country of breathtaking landscapes and immense potential, has recently captured the attention of the global energy community through its significant discoveries in green hydrogen (GHZ) and oil & gas. This newfound energy potential is just one of the many reasons why Namibia is a country to watch.


Energy and Natural Resources: A Powerhouse in the Making

Namibia is already the third-largest producer of uranium in the world, and its biomass potential, coupled with abundant wind and solar resources, positions it as a future leader in renewable energy. The nation’s strategic moves in the energy sector are poised to drive significant economic growth and sustainable development.

Agricultural Prowess: Feeding the World

Namibia’s agricultural sector is equally impressive. It stands out as the only African country exporting beef to China, the European Union, and the USA. But the ambitions don’t stop there. Namibia is making strides to compete on a global level in the small livestock meat, dates, blueberries, and grapes sub-sectors. This diversification within agriculture not only strengthens the economy but also ensures food security and creates jobs.

Tourism: A Jewel of Africa

Beyond energy and agriculture, Namibia is a treasure trove for tourists. With its breathtaking landscapes, diverse culture, and rich wildlife, Namibia is an irresistible destination. Foreign arrivals to Namibia increased by 99.4% in 2022, reaching a total of 539,601 compared to 270,644 in 2021. Tourists flock to the country to experience its natural beauty and unique cultural heritage.

Popular Entry Points and Modes of Travel

The Hosea Kutako International Airport (HKIA) is the most popular entry point, accounting for 44.1% of foreign arrivals, followed by the northeastern and southern border posts. The majority of tourists travel by road (53.5%), with air travel accounting for 6.5%.

Length of Stay and Purpose of Travel

Tourists typically stay in Namibia for an average of 22 nights, with 75.3% coming for holidays, 13.6% visiting friends or relatives, and 7.5% traveling for business. The steady rebound in arrivals to pre-COVID figures, which saw 1,681,336 foreign travelers in 2019, underscores Namibia’s enduring appeal.


Mining: A Thriving Industry

Namibia boasts a thriving and exciting mining industry, contributing significantly to the national economy. The sector’s growth not only boosts employment but also positions Namibia as a key player in the global mining landscape.

Addressing Challenges: The Path to Inclusive Growth

Despite its many strengths, Namibia faces significant challenges. Unemployment stands at 33.4%, with young Namibians being particularly affected at a rate of 46%. The country also grapples with high socio-economic inequality. Nearly half of Namibians (47.5%) are either monetarily or multidimensionally poor, with about 1 in 8 experiencing both types of poverty.

Priorities for Sustainable Development

To address these challenges and drive inclusive growth, Namibia is focusing on several priority sectors:

Food Industry: Enhancing food security and agricultural productivity.
Renewable Energy: Leveraging natural resources for sustainable energy.
Metals, Mining & Adjacent Sectors: Expanding mining activities and related industries.
Machinery and Electronics: Developing industrial capabilities.
Chemicals and Basic Materials: Building a robust chemical industry.
E-Commerce: Embracing digital trade.
Transport and Logistics: Improving infrastructure and connectivity.
Exploration (Mining and Oil & Gas): Continuing to explore and exploit natural resources.
Services (Digital and Global Business): Promoting digital transformation and global business services.

Namibia: A Place People Want to Visit

Namibia’s blend of natural beauty, economic potential, and cultural richness makes it a place where people want to visit and do business. The country’s efforts to address its challenges while capitalizing on its strengths promise a bright future for its citizens and an enticing destination for travelers and investors alike.

As Namibia continues to evolve and grow, its story is one of remarkable potential and resilience, a testament to the spirit and ingenuity of its people. Whether you’re an investor, a traveler, or simply a curious observer, Namibia is a country that deserves your attention and admiration.

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