Traveling to a new country can be scary, some people even suffer from anxiety just because of traveling. What can help you is to know a few things beforehand about the country you visit. When it comes to South Africa the most you hear about is either its high crime rate or amazing attractions but there are more things you need to know than that. Here are a few of them.


  • South Africa is still a developing economy.
  • South Africans are very patriotic people.
  • You need to travel outside the cities to see wildlife.
  • South African cities are very modern and well-developed.
  • South Africa is huge, you won’t get to see everything in one visit or a short visit.
  • Many South Africans speak English, you don’t have to worry about the language barrier.
  • Don’t carry around gadgets that will let you stand out, if you do make sure they are not that visible to the public.
  • Don’t forget to tip at restaurants, it’s an obligation to tip.
  • Know when the best time is to visit South Africa. South Africa can be visited all year round. It’s cold and windy from July to November and warm from November to February. August gets really cold.
  • Know the unique Linguals that differ from the rest of the world. e.g. In South Africa mini buses are called taxis and bus parking stations are called taxi ranks.
  • In terms of transportation using a uber or bolt is highly recommended for tourists. If you want to experience using a taxi or you have a tight budget, you should avoid sitting in the front row of the taxi, it automatically turns you into the conductor who receives or collects money from the other passengers.
  • You need to beware of your environment. Be security conscious and keep safe. Don’t stand out, make sure to blend in with the locals. Most places in South Africa are relatively safe but there are some you should avoid completely as a tourist.


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