It’s always tempting to do a little shopping while traveling or just get some essentials for yourself. These are the top three in Windhoek, Namibia you can visit.


1. Grove Mall 

This is the largest mall in Namibia. It has over 100 stores. Grove Mall’s retail offering is inspired by luxury, convenience, and comfort. The mall has all kinds of Shops, a Food Court and a Cinema.

Address: Corner of Chasie & Frankie Fredericks Roads, Kleine Kuppe, Windhoek

Operating Hours: Monday to Saturday 09H00-19H00, Sundays & Public holidays 09H00-17H00

Contact Details: +264 61 243 603

Store Directory:

Parking Tariffs:

2. Maerua Mall 


The mall offers a dynamic mix of professional workspaces in a convenient lifestyle setting, with unique shopping experiences that include a first-of-its-kind Family Entertainment Centre. Comprised a life-sized African wildlife-themed indoor play park, 18-hole glow-in-the-dark putt-putt course, a trampoline park, a bowling alley, and a gaming arcade. Other entertainments at Maerua Mall include an outdoor climbing wall, the Ster-Kinekor cinema, a host of restaurants, and fast-food outlets. There is also a gym at the mall.

Address: Maerua Mall, Corner of Jan Jonker and Centaurus Road, Windhoek, Namibia

Operating Hours: Monday to Friday 09H00-19H00, Saturday 09H00-17H00, Sunday & Public Holidays 09H00-15H00

Contact Details: +264 (61) 423 220

Store Directory:

Parking Tariffs: Free Parking

3. Wernhill Park 

A modern shopping mall in the heart of Windhoek, offering a superb shopping environment, providing its customers and shoppers with an unrivaled shopping experience.

Address: Corner Fidel Castro and Mandume Ndemufayo Street

Operating Hours: Monday to Friday 09H00-19H00, Saturday 09H00-17H00, Sunday & Public Holidays 09H00-15H00

Contact Details:  +264 61 37 45 45

Store Directory:

Parking Tariffs: Free Parking

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