Traveling within Africa is way more expensive than any other continent but sadly that’s not our only problem.

We struggle with the lack of direct flights from one country to another within our continent as well which results in us having to have a number of connecting flights that end up way more costly.

To save on cost, the best alternative is to travel by road. In the case of Namibia to Zimbabwe, we have two options; either through Botswana or Zambia.

With the Botswana route, the trip costs $100. I travelled with a minibus that departs Windhoek, Namibia every Saturday at 2 pm. The pickup point is at Soweto Market in Soweto, Windhoek. They offer you a complimentary meal which consists of KFC Streetwise 2, cooldrink, and water.

You will have one stop on the road in Namibia, which is in Gobabis, and then be on the road till you reach Trans Kalahari (Namibian Border) where you are required to present your valid passport and covid vaccine certificate or valid PCR test results.

Upon getting your passport stamped by the immigration officers, you will have to walk to Mamuno Borders (Botswana Border), which is just a 2-minute walk from the Namibian side. Walking is mainly required when you are in a large group with public transport.

On the Botswana side, you will need to present your valid passport and covid vaccine certificate again. In Botswana, you are required to wear your face mask or you won’t get assisted.

You have to state on the form they provide you that you are in transit to Zimbabwe. For safety reasons state 3 days of transit.

I will say the immigration officers at both Borders were very friendly and helpful. The whole process is very fast and easy.

From the Botswana Border, you drive towards the Zimbabwean border which will take you the whole night and the better half of the next morning. You will have at least two stops within Botswana. Once you reach the Ramokgwebana Border (Botswana Border) for exiting the country, you will be required to present the same documents mentioned earlier.

From there, you will drive to the Plumtree-Road (Zimbabwean Border) and present the same documents. You need to provide your address in Zimbabwe and contact person details on the forms provided to you at the border. The form will also ask about the duration of your stay and how much funds you have available as well as the currency.

You will have to declare your belongings with customs and if you have any items other than personal clothing etc (e.g groceries), there’s a possibility they will ask you to pay customs fees (just be prepared for that). And be prepared to pay for everything in US dollars in Zimbabwe instead of their local currency.

The customs is your last stop to enter the country and you can drive all the way to Harare from there. The main stops on the way will be Bulawayo, Gweru, Kadoma and Chegutu. You will arrive in Harare, Zimbabwe on Sunday around 8pm.

It’s a long drive but with great company, you will enjoy it and not feel the distance.



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