The temperate Mediterranean climate of Cape Town features warm summers and mild winters. They have a variety of microclimates due to the geography of the peninsula. All four seasons can be experienced in one day, according to the locals.



Cape Town experiences warm, sunny summers with temperatures between the mid-20s to the mid-30s Celsius. As there is hardly any rain in the city during this time of year, it is the ideal time to spend time outside. Locals refer to the summer wind as “the Cape Dr.” It can be strong and primarily blows from the North-East, bringing a cool breeze to the scorching summer days.


Depending on the season, Cape Town’s typical seasonal temperatures might change. The temperature in the summer, from December to February, fluctuates from about 20 to 26 °C (68 to 78 °F) during the day and 13 to 18 °C (55 to 64 °F) at night. The temperature varies from roughly 12-17°C (54-62°F) during the day and 4-8°C (39-46°F) at night in the winter months of June through August.



Cape Town experiences pleasant weather between mid-teens and mid-twenties Celsius during the spring and autumn seasons. During these months, the city receives a fair amount of rain, but there are also a few sunny days. Visit Cape Town now to take advantage of the mild temperatures and stunning floral displays.


With 300 days of sunlight annually and 7.5 to 9.5 hours of bright, warm sunshine each day, Cape Town is the ideal place for outdoor activities including beach vacations, hikes, sports, and sightseeing all year long. Use a high SPF (Sun Protection Factor) sunscreen before basking in the glorious weather.


In the winter, Cape Town experiences chilly, rainy weather with lows in the teens to mid-20s Celsius. During this time, the city frequently sees rain, while the mountains may even encounter some snow. It’s a fantastic time to travel to Cape Town and take advantage of indoor activities like museum visits and wine tastings.

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