These three small towns are close, and you can stay at one and still visit the other two.


Aus is a little desert town. This is an excellent location for stargazing, resting, and taking in the scenery because of its spectacular mountains and sunsets. It is also known as the coldest place in Namibia.

Photo by Roëll de Ram

Luderitz is a beautiful German colonial town on the Atlantic coast. Its most visited spots are Felsen Kirche, the colorful buildings on Kirche street, and the harbor.

Kolmanskop is an abandoned building town that is slowly being reclaimed by the desert. It used to be a diamond mining town and got abandoned when fewer diamonds were found. It is also known as Ghost Town.


Photo by Roëll de Ram

Places to stay in Aus, Luderitz & Kolmanskop: 

1. Klein Aus Vista

Address:  On the B4 main road to Luderitz, Aus

Contact Details:  063 258 116


2. Luderitz Nest Hotel 

Address:  820 Dias St, Luderitz

Contact Details:  063 204 000


3. Alte Villa Gastehaus 

Address:  Klippen, Luderitz

Contact Details:  +264 811 29 5259


4. Obelix Guesthouse 

Address:  Old Bay Rd, Luderitz

Contact Details:  063 203 456


5. Oceanlife Accommodation Luderitz 

Address:  289 Bismarck, Luderitz

Contact Details:  081 257 8507


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