Cape Town is rich in history and culture but it is also a hub of innovation and creativity. The arts hold a special place in the inner life of The Mother City and it is home to a wide variety of museums, theatres, festivals, and music events.


Here are some things you can do:


The only of its kind in Cape Town, the Cape Town Diamond Museum pays tribute to the world’s most precious gemstone, the diamond.

During a tour of the Cape Town Diamond Museum, you’ll witness a 3.3 billion-year-old story unfold as you’re taken through a diamond’s journey: from its creation at the core of the Earth to the mine, and eventually, to the completed polished stone set in your precious jewelry creation.


They provide training in clowning, juggling, ventriloquism, puppetry, and theatre production. All of them provide participants with the ability to express themselves creatively through performance art. Both juniors and adults can enroll in courses. A large portion of the school’s 170 pupils come from disadvantaged households and backgrounds, thus the school also hopes that through the power of magic, it can improve the neighborhood.


The drama of the world’s first human heart transplant, led by Professor Christiaan Neethling Barnard, played out within the walls of the Charles Saint Theatre, at Groote Schuur Hospital on the 3rd December 1967.

The human heart transplant, one of the greatest moments in medical history, was made possible by an extraordinary interplay of scientific dedication; human courage and generosity, and a timely chain of events.

Today, The Heart of Cape Town Museum honors all those who played a major role in the surgical feat that pushed the boundaries of science, into the dawn of a new medical era, an era in which it became possible to transplant the symbol of the essence of life, our human heart.


Now, Robben Island is a World Heritage Site and museum, offering daily tours. The tour begins at the Nelson Mandela Gateway at the V&A Waterfront with a multimedia exhibition, museum shop, and restaurant, after which, guests hop onto the ferry for a scenic trip to the island. Once on Robben Island itself, the tour is guided by a former political prisoner of the island, for unique and incomparable insights into the island’s history.


Drumstruck at Silvermist is an authentic African experience right in the heart of the Constantia Winelands. Tourists and locals will have the unique opportunity to journey through the history of African music, learn to play the drum, and be entertained by the world’s best interactive drummers. The show is paired with a wine tasting that includes a selection of wines from the top wine estates in Constantia, hosted by Silvermist owner and winemaker, Gregory Brink Louw.



Each year in February, Baz-Art hosts artists from all over the world and country for the International Public Art Festival (IPAF). The artists are encouraged to respond to an overarching theme selected for that year’s edition. IPAF showcases the best talent within the international and national street art scene. The five-day event allows the public free access to view the murals while they are being painted.

You can book a two-hour street art tour to view the artworks, learn more about Baz-Art’s year-round projects and understand the Cape Town street art scene. You can choose to walk, run or cycle the route. A hand-selected guide is chosen to give you the best possible experience!


Visit their contemporary photographic art gallery at 23a Salisbury Street Woodstock, where you can go to be inspired and stimulated. Revealing the landscapes, seascapes, marine animals, and birdlife of Cape Town, its adjoining West Coast region, and beyond into Africa.

You can meet photographers Alain Proust and Chad Henning to discuss your ideas and create an itinerary for a photo tour. Depending on your requirements and wishlist they will recommend a photographic program for you.


Art@Africa’s world-class galleries and sculpture garden are respectively situated in the center of the bustling V&A Waterfront, approximately 120 meters from the Zeitz MOCAA and across the road of the Huguenot Monument in picturesque Franschhoek.


The Stellenbosch outlet hosts many South African artists and has a diverse range of ceramics, paintings and bronzes. Wildlife and abstract paintings are more prevalent in this gallery.

The owner works closely with both interior designers and artists to satisfy the art collector’s needs.


The center is home to a spectrum of designers and artists, from jewelers to painters, filmmakers to landscape artists.

Montebello Design Centre is a non-profit development project bequest to Cecil Michaelis with the aim of promoting local art culture and generating jobs. Stop here for a unique luncheon or an exciting craft workshop or an evening class. Try your hand at printmaking, ceramics, art, crafts, and jewelry making. The space is also available for rent as a co-working office.


ART IT IS is a contemporary and vibrant addition to the art scene, promoting local artists. As a gallery, the approach has opened up a new way by which art is viewed, experienced, and purchased.

By breaking the norm and the boundaries surrounding the idea of a gallery, people no longer need to feel intimidated by going into a gallery and even further by the art itself.


The Castle of Good Hope is the oldest surviving building in South Africa and has been the center of civilian, political, and military life in the Cape since 1666.

Today, the Castle stands not only as a reminder of Cape Town’s colonial past but as a beacon of the city’s future. Popular with locals and visitors alike, art and photography exhibitions are often hosted within its five walls, as are some of the city’s premier commercial events.

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