Have you been planning to have a weekend getaway or group trip but it just never happens? Or you are just SBWL others travels on social media. Let me help you make your travel plans a reality. Don’t stay on the SBWL side of things and let us make those dreams a reality with the following tips.


1. Have it on your vision board

Vision boards guide you on how to approach your year, and which areas you plan to focus on and improve on throughout the year. If you want to travel, put it on your vision board but also ask yourself these questions.

  • Where is it I want to go?
  • Who would I like to go with?
  • When do I want to go?
  • How much will it cost me?

2. Do your research

The internet is your best friend, whatever you want to know, it’s on there. You just have to find reliable and trusted sites. Do research on how much it would cost you, what form of transportation will you need to get there, do you need a passport or any vaccine, where will you go stay, what activities you want to go do, etc. Make sure to cover all areas.

3. Have a specific savings pool for your travels

You can never travel without money, this is the most important part. You need to create a budget and start saving. Start saving a specific amount every month for your travels, it should be an amount that you can save that by the date you decide to travel you have all the money you need or even more. It’s important to do your research before getting to this point.


4. Prepare your documents

You need to know what document requirements the place you want to travel to has. Once you know, you have to start working on them well in advance of your travels. Make sure to know what vaccines you would need, whether would you need a passport, how to apply for a passport if you don’t have one, etc.

5. Pick who you want to travel with

Do you want to travel alone, with your partner, or as a group? It should be people you trust and get along with. Don’t just choose anyone for the sake of traveling as the person you go with should complement your trip. You can’t be traveling with someone that you don’t get along with.

6. Try doing something new monthly or quarterly

You are cultivating a lifestyle and not something once-off. Travel and adventure are a lifestyle, it needs to be something within you. Once you make it a lifestyle it will be easier for you.

7. Leave them behind

If someone stands in your way of doing what you want to do, leave them behind. The sooner, the better. They are just holding you back. This mostly goes for group travels with friends but they always have excuses why they can’t go. Leave them behind and go enjoy yourself.

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