Getting robbed while traveling is really the last thing we think of while traveling, we only give it a thought once it happens to us. We get so busy thinking about what to wear, places to see or where to go eat, etc that being robbed or taking preventative measures to avoid being robbed doesn’t come to mind.


It’s important to take the following measures, no matter how much you read about how safe a place is. Everyone gets a different experience of the same place and it’s important to know, nowhere in this world is truly safe. Take note of the following.

1. Research before you go: What neighborhoods to stay in and not to stay in, Have there been any issues in that area, Look at travel warnings of the place you plan to visit.

2. Don’t use your electronics in public, someone is always watching you. Criminals are always watching and just waiting for the perfect opportunity.

3. Dress the part, how you dress determines how people treat and see you. Make sure not to look like a traveler. Look up what to wear.

4. Never stay at a certain place for too long. Always be on the move.

5. Don’t go out after dark alone, ask the receptionist where you stay about safety.

6. Never let a stranger assist you at an ATM.


7. Leave your flashy stuff at home and don’t overpack to move around easily.

8. Always be aware of your surroundings.

9. Don’t be too kind or try to help everyone there.

10. When in a taxi or cab, sit behind the driver’s seat and next to the door.

11. Make sure you know the emergency numbers of the place you are visiting.

12. Stay away from protests and demonstrations while visiting a country.

13. Never talk to strangers.

14. Put your wallet in your front pocket or have a money belt.

15. Use the hotel safe, and put your passport there, you should only walk around with a copy of your passport.

16. Lock your suitcase even in the hotel, you never know whether the cleaners will go through your items.

17. Not everyone is trying to help you, always pay attention.

18. Write down your credit card numbers in case you lose them.

19. Always tell someone about your whereabouts.

20. Ask for help, and ask other travelers about their experiences in the place you are planning to visit.


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