Solo travel is amazing and you get to find yourself and you just have the ultimate freedom to do whatever you want, whenever you want. There are no group votes or decisions to be made.


As all that sounds great and I’m definitely all for it, sometimes it just gets really lonely. Phones and the internet are there to help with that but it’s never truly the same as having someone in person with you.

You are forced to eat alone, there’s no one to talk to when eating or ordering different dishes and getting to try them out from each other. It’s all you.

Traveling with someone helps you save on cost, as you share bills like hotel and taxi amongst each other.

The worse part for me is the fact that it’s harder to get pictures of yourself. Yes, you can take selfies or use a tripod but it doesn’t always come out the way you would like because of the angles. If you travel but take no pictures, were you truly there?


You got no one to lean on. It’s up to you to figure everything out, e.g, no one to check your luggage once you go to the bathroom or no one to help with finding directions to a place. You are solely responsible for everything.

Being alone also makes you vulnerable to attacks. You become a fast target as there is no one that can help you if any trouble comes your way.

Traveling is all about making memories and creating experiences. When you are all alone you don’t have someone to remember the trip with. It’s hard to share experiences with someone that wasn’t there. When traveling with someone, you can help each other remember the things that happened on the trip and you also create inside jokes about the trip. If you are alone it’s easier to forget most things on the trip. Or one person will notice and show you something you could’ve missed seeing.


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