There is no rule book when it comes to traveling much less for solo travelers. We all just go through trial and error till we get our way. There are so many mistakes others have done that we can learn from.


The biggest mistake of all is not traveling solo. It can be very scary at first because you have no one to depend on but it’s a very freeing and wonderful experience you have to do at least once in your lifetime.

The following are 12 mistakes you need to avoid while traveling alone:

1. Telling people you’re traveling alone

No one needs to know this, this makes you vulnerable to attacks. Always tell people you’re traveling with friends or family and just meeting them somewhere. Never Never let it be known you are alone.

However, let at least one of your family members know your moves as you are alone and they won’t be able to check in with you through anyone else.

2. Don’t wander alone at night

It’s never safe to be wandering around at night in a place you are not familiar with as most crimes happen at night. Stay indoors at night and if you really have to go out, don’t go out alone. Learn how to make friends on a trip so that you can always be with someone. Being alone attracts more danger to you especially if you are a female.

3. Not having backups of important documents & money

Anything can happen at any time so it’s always wise to be prepared. Always have two color photocopies of the front two pages of your passport and two extra passport photos stashed away. Keep your money and valuables in the safe or with the reception if there is no safe available.

4. Use official taxi & use a map

Always use official taxis and just not anyone that approaches you that they are a taxi driver or can take you where you are going. You should download the offline version of Google maps and always use it to follow the route the driver is taking to see it’s exactly where you requested to go.


5. Not having an international Data Plan for your phone

Always have your phone on roaming, plan with your network provider that you will be traveling and need an international Data Plan or prepare beforehand to get a line upon arrival at the place you are visiting.

6. Don’t get intoxicated during travel

Getting intoxicated in your home country is already not a wise decision, how much more in a foreign country where you are all alone with no one to check after you? Simply just refrain from getting intoxicated, you will just be putting yourself at so much unnecessary risk that you could have avoided.

7. Don’t look lost even when you are

If you ever get lost keep moving or stop in a store where you can figure out directions. Don’t stand on the sidewalk etc. Looking lost makes you a possible target.

8. Not making prior research on the place you are visiting

Being spontaneous is one thing but having no regard for your safety is another thing. You always need to know where you are going, how the crime rate is, and how safe the place is for you to put safety precautions in place then arriving with no plan in hand. You can avoid so much by just hopping on the internet and doing a little research.

9. Always carry all your luggage, never leave it unattended

Remember you are alone, there’s no one you can trust to look after your belongings and as such you need to always carry everything with you. You never know what can happen with your stuff if you leave them unattended. At some airports, unattended luggage is destroyed for security reasons. It’s a crazy world we live in.

10. Don’t look too flashy

Don’t draw unnecessary attention to yourself, dress like locals, and don’t carry extra baggage.


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