Eileen Sheridan, a retired British cyclist, was active in the 1940s and 1950s. She began riding professionally in 1948 and was born on May 18, 1923, in Coventry, England.


Her achievements in long-distance cycling have made her well-known, earning her the nickname “the Mighty Atom.”
Throughout her career, Sheridan set a number of records, including the female 12-hour time trial record that she held for 50 years and the female cycling record from Land’s End to John o’ Groats that she established in 1954.


She was a five-time national champion as well as the 1951 winner of the women’s Tour de France.

Eileen Sheridan Children: Did Eileen Sheridan have kids?

There were no kids born to Eileen Sheridan and Ken Joy. They traveled and trained together frequently as they pursued their cycling careers throughout their marriage.

There is no mention of children in Eileen Sheridan’s biography or other sources, and she has never publicly discussed having kids or being a mother. She might, however, be hiding the existence of any children or grandkids.