In the vast world of YouTube content creation, music is an essential ingredient that can set the tone, enhance emotions, and captivate your audience. Finding the perfect soundtrack, however, can be a daunting task. That’s why I’ve compiled a list of 50 exceptional tracks from Epidemic Sound that will not only elevate your videos but also infuse them with the perfect blend of energy, emotion, and atmosphere. Whether you’re vlogging, creating tutorials, or sharing your latest adventures, these curated tracks are sure to enhance your content and make your YouTube channel shine. Let’s dive in and discover the ideal musical companions for your creative journey.


  1. What’s it gonna take by Katnip
  2. Pomme by Ch@ntarelle
  3. Pretty Cardina by Jontha Links
  4. Your own pace by Tobby Tranter
  5. Summer of our lives by Waykap
  6. You come and go by Romin
  7. When all is done by OTE
  8. Cool down now by House of Say
  9. Wasted love by Vicki Vox
  10. A teenage Dream by Snake City
  11. Lucid Dreams by Tape Machines
  12. Perfect mind by Snake City
  13. We gotta let go by Tape Machines
  14. Conman by Tyra Chantey
  15. Back to silence by OTE
  16. I got a little lost by the big let down
  17. Keep dancing the whole by OTE
  18. My your place by King Sis
  19. Everlasting ego by Lvly
  20. Can’t forgive myself by Lvly
  21. Freeway by Just Peachy
  22. Pale by Ennio Mano
  23. Una Nache Mas by Nico Rengifo
  24. Baby girl by El Noen
  25. Hard to love by Katnip
  26. You got me like by Mindme
  27. Singalong by OTE
  28. Paper chasing by Lvly
  29. Close to my body by Dean
  30. Where we want to go by OTE
  31. Never gonna slow down by Zenosyne
  32. Nan som dig by Pabi
  33. Cote d’lviore by Apollo
  34. Hold you one last time by Mindme
  35. Catching Fire by Lvly
  36. Ain’t no time like now by Blaeker
  37. Creamer by Timothy Infinite
  38. Demons in my mind by Lvly
  39. Wash it over me by Lvly
  40. Pizzazz by Jobii
  41. Bryant Bark by Dylan Sitts
  42. 3D Print by Tape Machines
  43. Relaxation Station by Magnus Ringblom
  44. Chemistry by Tape Machines
  45. Langholmen by Gustav Lundgren
  46. Weaving by Luftmensch
  47. Star Cluster by Tape Machines
  48. Sunny Travel by Nico Staf
  49. Blue Dream by Cheel
  50. The Truth by Anno Dominii Beats
  51. Te vas by Lu-Ni


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