Traveling is no longer exclusively about sightseeing but much rather about engaging and merging into a new way of thinking. Here is a list of expressions to get acquainted with in Namibia.



This expression is used to exclaim doubt or surprise.

E.g Paul: “The town is just a few km drive from Windhoek. It’s not that far.

Saara: “Atata”


A barbecue is known as a braai and it’s a favorite amongst Namibians.

E.g We are having a braai this weekend.


This is a combination of Hello and How are you?



This expression is used when agreeing with someone’s statement.

E.g Ja-nee, no one said it will be easy.


Means good, well, or even nice.

E.g Oliver: How was your weekend?

Owamie: It was nxa.


This expression is used to express disgust.

E.g Paul: Sies, your car is so dirty. You should wash it.


Adding tog after sies and it completely changes its meaning. This expression is used to express compassion or pity.

E.g She just lost her phone, sies tog.

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