Windhoek is the capital city of Namibia. It has two traditional names: Otjomuise and /Ae //Gams. There is so much to see and do while in Windhoek, Namibia and these are a few places you can’t miss visiting.


1. Chrituskirche 

Christus Kirche also known as The Christ Church is a historical landmark and also a Lutheran Church. This Lutheran church, which Gottlieb Redecker designed in 1900, is still standing as evidence of the effect of German colonialism in Namibia. Christus Kirche is the oldest Evangelical Lutheran Church in Namibia and was declared a National Monument on 29 November 1974.

2. Heroes Arce Windhoek 

Heroes acre is an official war memorial located in the Auas mountains about 12 km from Windhoek center.  The ceremony was held on August 26, 2002. It was constructed as a need to foster the spirit of patriotism and nationalism and to pass this on to future generations. It’s the place where National heroes and heroines are remembered.

3. Parliament Gardens 

Parliament Gardens could be a little stop in downtown Windhoek, Namibia. It is found between the Tintenpalast and the Christuskirche. It was laid out in 1932 and was initially called the Tintenpalast gardens, embracing its display title after Namibian freedom in 1990.

4. Avis Dam 

It is a peaceful place to take a small walk and see a bit of the Namibian view. The Avis Dam is located at the eastern passage to the city of Windhoek within the suburb of Avis. A dam wall dams the influx of water from two rivers. The Avis dam was built during the German colonial time.

5. Independence Memorial Museum 

It’s a historical museum in Windhoek, which was opened in 2014. Independence Memorial Museum is dedicated to the country’s anti-colonial and independence struggle. There is a statue of the first president and founding father of Namibia. The museum has 5 floors and is 40 meters high, you will find a restaurant on the rooftop. The Balcony on the rooftop restaurant is called the balcony of love.


6. Single Quarters – Kapana

This isn’t an ordinary restaurant. But it is nevertheless an incredible place to eat. It is a large secured market, where you line up to purchase a portion of freshly braai Kapana (beef meat) wrapped in newspaper accompanied by a crisply chopped serving of mixed greens or salsa prepared just in front of you. Just sit on a seat and appreciate, and chat with the local people while enjoying some street food.

7. The Gibeon meteorites 

The 30 Gibeon Meteorites, 600 million years old, are mounted on steel columns in Post Street Mall. It got named after the town Gibeon where a large portion of the space rocks was found. Almost 600 million years back, a gigantic meteoroid rushed through space before smashing into the land that is now known as Namibia. While on its Terrestrial travel, it smashed, sending more than 100 shooting stars shooting toward the planet, clearing out bursting trails in their wake.

8. TransNamib Museum 

The Trans Namib Museum is located in the historical Windhoek Railway station building. The museum was officially opened on 1 July 1993. Trans-Namib Transport Museum outlines Namibian transport history, with a focus on rail transport.

9. Am Weinberg Area

Am Weinberg is a hidden gem in Windhoek. It features restaurants of different culinary styles and the appealing Soulstice Day-Spa. You get to experience the sunset while enjoying panoramic views of the surrounding valley. The place is just picture-perfect and it’s just so serene to be there.

10. Zoo Park 

Zoo Park is a public park on Independence Avenue in downtown Windhoek, Namibia. It is additionally a central point of social life within the city. The park is landscaped and has a pond, a children’s play area, and an open-air theater.

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