The Windhoek restaurant industry is well-known nationally for being thriving, appreciated, and very excellent and promises a wide variety of cuisine. The city’s restaurants truly have something for everyone, offering anything from Fine dining establishments to unique pop-up eateries, and fast food burger shops to experimental dining and everything. Discover the top of the crop right here, whether you’re looking for a location to celebrate your birthday, a unique dining experience, or just Windhoek’s best restaurants.


1. Joe’s Beerhouse 

One of the best, you can’t say you have been to Windhoek or Namibia if you haven’t been here. This is your one-stop destination for all your Game meat ranging from Zebra, Kudu, Crocodile, Springbok, and many more.

Address: 160 Nelson Mandela Ave, Windhoek

Operating Hours:  Monday to Sunday 12H00-23H00

Contact Details: 061 232 457


2. Stellenbotsch Tasting Room 

Fresh produce is the main focus of an upscale wine and artisan restaurant, which also offers you a variety of privately owned wine estates by the glass.

Address: 320 Sam Nujoma Dr, Windhoek

Operating Hours:  Monday to Friday 06H30-22H00, Saturday 07H30-22H00 & Sunday 07H30-20H30

Contact Details: 061 258 746


3. Taste Restaurant

Dinner is taken to another level as these Windhoek restaurants serve up amazing cocktails and tasty bites.

Address: Eros Road, Windhoek

Operating Hours:  Tuesday to Thursday 08H00-22H00, Friday 09H00-00H00, Saturday 10H00-00H00 & Sunday 10H00-21H00

Contact Details: 081 217 3808


4. Cape Town Fish Market 

Cape Town Fish Market is the new spot in town for good seafood, great sushi, and even better views.

Address: Am Weinberg Estate, 13 Jan Jonker Rd, Klein, Windhoek

Operating Hours:  Monday to Thursday 12H00-22H30, Friday & Saturday 12H00-23H30, Sunday 12H00-17H30

Contact Details: 083 331 8101


5. Stratos at Avani Rooftop Restaurant 

The Stratos Restaurant and Bar overlooking a vibrant and bustling city is the ideal spot to unwind with wonderful company. Enjoy outstanding cocktails, great food, a spectacular view, and incomparable company.

Address: Gustav Voigts Centre, 129 Independence Ave, Windhoek

Operating Hours:  Monday to Sunday 09H00-00H00

Contact Details: 061 280 0990


6. Fork & Cork Restaurant 

The best contemporary casual restaurant in Windhoek, serving delicious food and a welcoming atmosphere.

Address: Centaurus Street, Windhoek

Operating Hours:  Monday to Friday 07H00-22H00, Saturday 08H00-22H00 & Sunday 07H00-15H00

Contact Details: 081 282 7370


7. Butchers Block Restaurant 

It’s located in Klein Windhoek, a vegetarian and unquestionably a meat lover’s utopia. From delectable salads to steaks and sumptuous desserts

Address: 13 Jan Jonker, Windhoek

Operating Hours:  Sunday & Monday 11H30-20H30, Tuesday to Saturday 11H30-21H30

Contact Details: 083 288 8000


8. The Continental Cafe 

This is a great place to grab a quick lunch or a cup of coffee.

Address: Continental Passage Alley Linking Independence Avenue and Luderitz Street, Windhoek 9000 Namibia

Operating Hours:  Monday to Friday 07H00-17H00

Contact Details: +264 61 307 176


9. Pepata Restaurant 

One of the best spots to try out Namibian traditional food mainly the Ovambo cuisines. Stop by and have a taste of Namibia.

Address: Windhoek West, Corner of Beethoven &, Simpson Street, Windhoek

Operating Hours:  Monday to Sunday 09H00-23H00

Contact Details: 081 286 5071


10. O Portuga Restaurant

O Portuga Restaurant is Windhoek’s first and oldest authentic Angolan-Portuguese Restaurant

Address: 312 Sam Nujoma Dr, Windhoek

Operating Hours:  Monday to Sunday 11H30-23H00

Contact Details: 061 272 900

Website:  None

11. Krisjans Bistro 

Proudly Namibian Local bistro serving great fresh meals, cake, coffee, smoothies & wine.


Address: Robert Mugabe Ave Corner Lazarett Street, Windhoek Namibia

Operating Hours:  Monday & Saturday 07H00-15H00, Tuesday to Friday 07H00-17H00

Contact Details: +264 81 861 4614


12. Olivia’s Kitchen 

Olivia’s Kitchen is a restaurant and deli, that offers a place to enjoy the finer things in life.

Address: 13 Jan Jonker, Windhoek

Operating Hours:  Monday to Friday 07H00-18H30, Saturday 08H00-17h30 & Sunday 08H00-16H00

Contact Details: 061 209 0995


13. Leviga 

Their food is prepared in contemporary style cooking adding up to a fusion of Asian and French cuisine with an emphasis on freshness and seasonable flavors.

Address:7 Luther Street, Windhoek, Namibia Eros, Windhoek Namibia

Operating Hours:  Monday to Saturday 07H00-22H00

Contact Details: 061 449 313


14. The Skinny Cow Eatery 

This is an all-pink boutique eatery with delicious food that is aesthetically pleasing.

Address: 40 Berg Street, Windhoek

Operating Hours:  Monday 08H00-15H00, Tuesday to Thursday 08H00-17H00, Friday 08H00-21H00, Saturday 09H00-21H00 & Sunday 09H00-12H00

Contact Details: 081 372 1021


15. Yang Tse Chinese Restaurant 

Your one-stop restaurant for all your Asian cuisines. It’s your little space Asian experience in Namibia.

Address: 351 Sam Nujoma Ave, Windhoek Namibia

Operating Hours:  Monday to Sunday 09H00-22H00

Contact Details: +264 61 234 779


16. Berrylicious Restaurant 

This is a sophisticated restaurant in the city that serves contemporary Mediterranean cuisine.

Address: Rev Michael Scott St, Windhoek

Operating Hours:  Monday to Sunday 11H20-23H00

Contact Details: 081 754 4473


17. Cape Capri Nam 

The restaurant is classy and aims at delivering the right vibes, the right food, and the perfect drinks, all in the right doses.

Address: Independence Ave, Windhoek

Operating Hours:  Tuesday & Wednesday 12H00-22H00, Thursday 12H00-23H00, Friday & Saturday 12H00-00H00 & Sunday 12H00-22H00

Contact Details: 081 274 5440


18. Garnish Restaurant 

The restaurant serves the most authentic Indian cuisines in Namibia.

Address: 1 City Plaza, Sam Nujoma Dr, Windhoek

Operating Hours:  Monday to Sunday 11H30-21H00

Contact Details: 085 147 7250


19. Kubata Restaurant 

The restaurant has an artistic architecture that offers a wide range of traditional Portuguese cuisines.

Address: 151 Nelson Mandela Ave, Windhoek

Operating Hours:  Monday to Saturday 12H00-22H00 & Sunday 12H00-21H00

Contact Details: 061 401 944


20. Droombos Restaurant 

Droombos Restaurant provides a unique dining experience incorporating the finest-quality Namibian and International cuisine in Windhoek.

Address: Klein Farmlands, Windhoek

Operating Hours:  Monday to Sunday 08H00-22H00

Contact Details: 081 872 2613


21. Skybar Hilton Restaurant 

You get a beautiful view of the city while enjoying your meal from the rooftop of the restaurant.

Address: Michael Scott Street Hilton Windhoek, Windhoek Namibia

Operating Hours:  10H00-23H00

Contact Details: +264 61 296 2929


22. Sicilia Restorante 

This is one of the oldest restaurants in Windhoek, it’s 30 years old. They provide fine-dining experiences with delicious Italian cuisine.

Address: C3GP+W29, Corner of Garten Street and, Independence Ave, Windhoek

Operating Hours:  Monday to Sunday 08H00-21H00

Contact Details: 061 225 600


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