When I think of Finland, calm and nature come to mind. I traveled to Finland with an exchange program in 2014 and spend a month over there. It was such an enriching and amazing experience. Finland was the very first country I traveled to and gave me a lot of my first. My first flight, first ferry ride, first sauna, first time outside Africa and so much more.


There’s so much I’ve learned and experienced in Finland. I miss almost everything about Finland and have gone to love a lot of things about the country. Here are a few things I love about Finland.

1. The Finnish People

Finnish people are said to be shy which they are not. They are very reserved but very kind and loving people. They are the most genuine and warm people I’ve come across and I just miss that. Finnish are just honest in general. What I love about them is that you can be yourself and wear whatever you want and not get judged about it.

2. Public Transportation

I love the fact that I don’t need to spend a lot to get around Finland. Their public transportation can go anywhere in the country and it’s really cheap. Not only is it cheap but also safe to use.

3. Nature everywhere

Nature in Finland is just so breathtakingly beautiful. There’s a lot of forest and lakes that you can go relax at and the air is so clean and refreshing. I just miss taking morning walks in the forest, it’s so calming and helps just clear my mind. It really helps with tapping into your creative juices.


4. Sauna’s

You find sauna’s everywhere in Finland. I had my very first sauna experience in Finland like a whole traditional sauna in the wild. It was so amazing. A sauna is really a good place to relax and let your thoughts go. It’s also a place where everyone is equal and I love that. You can learn more about Finnish Saunas here.

5. Safety & Security

I got robbed a few months ago and it really made me miss Finland so much as I know for sure it wouldn’t have happened to me over there. Finland is a very safe place. When you lose something you will always find it. Like you can just leave your stuff somewhere and no one will take it or even notice it. Finland is so safe that people sleep with their doors open (unlocked) and nothing happens to them or their stuff. No one will enter or steal from them and I just love that fact. You really never have to worry about your safety over there

6. Finnish long summer days

During summer the sunset is around 10 or 11 pm and the sunrise is around 3 am. Everything is so colorful and bright, you get to enjoy a longer daytime and there’s just so much to explore throughout the day in whichever town you find yourself.

These are just a few of the many things I miss and love about Finland. If given the opportunity, I’ll definitely go back to Finland anytime.

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