The city of Swakopmund is situated on the coast in central Namibia, by the Namib Desert and the Atlantic Ocean on either side, giving it the ideal location to spend a few days engaging in adventurous pursuits or relaxing after touring the rest of the nation. These are the top things you can do while in Swakopmund.


1. Desert Quadbiking 

Riding a quad bike through Namibia’s endless desert of shifting sand dunes is an exhilarating experience.

An expert guide will lead you through the Swakopmund River mouth and onto the dune belt after the engines are fired up and prepared to go. Experience the freedom of riding through a magnificent landscape created by nature.

2. Camel Riding 

Experience the solitude of the Namib Desert on the back of a camel.

3. Swimming at the Beaches 

This is a great way to have a relaxed day on the beach, you don’t have to be on an adventure full of adrenaline every day.

Take a day or a few hours off and just have a chilled day at the beach. You can have a picnic, have a braai or take a swim while at the beach.

4. Boat Cruise 

Taking a Boat cruise will give you the opportunity to experience the fantastic sea life firsthand and create your own adventure.

This is a fun way to spend your day in the ocean.

5. City or Township Tours 

The popular tour is the Mondesa Township Tour. This is a great way to engage with locals and learn about their cultures and way of living.

You get to visit a local school, try out some traditional homemade food, listen to cultural music, and just enjoy being in the company of Namibian locals.

6. Visit Cape Cross Seal Reserve

Are you into photography or got mad love for seals? If you said yes, then you definitely have to visit this reserve.

Cape Cross Seal Reserve is a nature reserve that is home to the largest land colony of cape fur seals. You can take a wake while watching the seals or take close-up photos of seals.

7. Gin Tasting Tour

Are you a gin lover or ever thought of how gin is made? This is a tour something to put your itinerary for Swakopmund.

You will get to visit the Distillery for a taste tour and experience the magic of gin.

8. Visit Snake Park 

If you are not scared of snakes like me or want to face your fear of snakes or learn more about snakes, this is your chance to do so.


You can visit Snake park just in the city center and check out the different types of desert snakes they got there.

9. Have Lunch at the Swakopmund Jetty

This place is definitely for the books, you have to experience it at least once. How many people can say they had lunch on the beach?

The jetty has scenic views of the Atlantic Ocean and is also one of the most romantic places in Swakopmund. If you don’t care about having lunch there you can also just walk on the Jetty path plus take some pictures.

10. Surfing 

As a surfer, Swakopmund will be your dream paradise, there is a number of spots for you to surf. There aren’t many surfers and you will have so much fun.

The surf spot at Swakopmund is a perfect reef break, which thrives on a high tide.

11. Skydiving

This is your only opportunity to fly over the ocean and desert dunes at the same time in the world. You won’t experience it anywhere else.

While Skydiving you get to enjoy the incredible landscapes of the Namib desert while free-falling from 2000m is definitely a lifetime experience.

12. Sandboarding 

This is such a fun activity, just being all goofy and free in the sand dunes. You literally become a child with no care in the world.

Going down a sand dune on a board is such a thrilling experience.

13. Check out the National Marine Aquarium 

This is one of the activities you can do as a family, it’s one of the most kid-friendly places in Swakopmund.

The aquarium has different types of fish you can see and learn about, it also has a walk-through tunnel that gives you the feel of being under the Atlantic ocean.

14. Desert Tours 

The tour includes you heading to Sandwich Bay, and driving along the skeleton coast towards the moon landscape.

It’s best to join a day tour rather than do a self-drive if you are not good with driving on rugged sandy surfaces.

15. Take a Scenic Flight 

There are endless land activities you can do in Swakopmund but why not take it up a notch and do something in the sky?

It’s so amazing seeing the desert meet the ocean from above, you get to capture and soak in such an amazing life-changing experience. It’s not something you will get to see every day.

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