Food is the gateway for so many things and isn’t the best way to know any place through its local and traditional food. Are you willing to dig deep into the local scene of Namibia while in Swakopmund?


These are three restaurants you can visit to get the authentic taste of Namibia.

1. Hafeni Traditional Restaurant 
Photo Credit @BerndScneider

This is a unique restaurant located in the township of Swakopmund. Hafeni traditional restaurant is such an authentic Namibian restaurant. You get to enjoy some great local food and meet lovely Namibian people.

Address: Lucas Nehoya Street Swakopmund Mondesa 285 Mondesa, Swakopmund 9000 Namibia

Operating Hours:  Monday to Sunday 10H00-21H00

Contact Details:  +264 81 146 6222


2. Erna’s Okasmily Restaurant – Walvis Bay 
Photo Credit @Okasmiley

Okasmiley is a small food business that cooks and delivers homemade traditional food. It is based in rural Walvis Bay.


Address: Kuisebmund, Walvis Bay

Operating Hours:  Monday 07H00-12H00, Tuesday to Friday 07H00-19H00, Saturday 10H00-19H00 & Sunday 12H00-19h00

Contact Details:  +264 81 819 0919


3. Olupale Traditional Restaurant 
Photo Credit @Olupale

Olupale Restaurant was named by the ancient Oshiowambo people – it means “well-received guest”. Traditional foods include Okapana Steak, Marathon Chickens, and Buttery Mopane Worms.

Address: 3662 Hendrik Witbooi Street, Swakopmund, Namibia

Operating Hours:  Monday to Sunday 09H00-22H00

Contact Details:  0813320642


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