Traveling is an exciting time and experience, plus the busiest you will get. There is so much to do before leaving, not to mention all the things you want to go get done once you arrive at your destination. So much can go wrong during this time but I want to help you reduce the number of mistakes you could potentially make or avoid them completely.


1. Packing too much

Avoid overpacking. The number of clothes you have packed, you will only end up wearing 50% of them. You will just have so many unnecessary clothes with you and have heavily weighted luggage to carry around during your trip.

2. Not packing the right shoes

Keep in mind you are traveling and in most cases will be walking around a lot. You need comfortable shoes like trainers to do all the walking in. For ladies please avoid packing heels, you won’t be wearing heels for hours on end. Be realistic about what is truly comfortable. Try to only pack two to three pairs of shoes when traveling.

3. Forgetting power cords or portable batteries 

Don’t forget to bring your charger along when traveling, you are likely to forget it the morning of your travels as you would have charged your phone overnight. If you can try to travel with a universal travel adapter, as adapters differ from country to country. Make a sticky note at a very visible place that you won’t miss, and write on the sticky note a list of things you should take along.

4. Over-scheduling 

Stop trying to do everything on your trip. Write down a few important things you would like to do and do those. Remember you won’t be able to do everything you want to at your destination and having activities back to back will just get you exhausted and it takes the fun out of every. You will be more focused on ticking off something on your list than taking time to create memories and enjoy them.

5. Not having a watch 

It’s important to always carry a watch and know what time it is. When busy exploring a place you lose track of time. This also helps you not to miss appointments for things you have booked. Having a watch helps you avoid taking out your phone in public a lot, as you never know who is watching you or trying to rob you.

6. Not having a Data plan for your phone 

You are not home so it’s best you are always online and able to make a call whenever you need to when out. You can’t only rely on the wifi provided at your accommodation. You need to keep updating someone about your whereabouts, mostly when you are traveling alone.

7. Always Book places with wifi

Always make sure that the place you will be staying has wifi, even if you don’t have a Data plan, you will still be connecting when you are at your accommodation. It helps with updating your family and friends.

8. Buying souvenirs at the very beginning of your trip 

When you buy the very first thing you see, it could be that you will find the very same thing at a cheaper price later on and you will be forced to carry a lot of items around during your trip. It’s best to get souvenirs towards the end of the trip.

9. Not charging your phone or camera the night before traveling

This is definitely the worse, having to travel with a low-battery phone or camera. You won’t be able to take pictures and videos of your trip. Always make sure to check and charge all batteries overnight.

10. Not having a small change (money) for tips 

In most countries, it is expected for you to tip your waiters. And when buying at vendors along the way you will need small change (money) as most of them won’t have change    (money). Always have small change (money) to use when outside.

11. Assuming Google always knows the right address 


There are some areas google can’t really pick up mostly when you are in a small town or village. Always be aware that google directions might not be 100% and if the place you are going provided a map or exact direction for you, please use it.

12. Assuming everyone speaks English 

Not everyone speaks English, there are countries like Mozambique where the majority of the citizens only speak Portuguese and no matter how hard you try to speak English with them, they don’t understand. Always research the country you visit and what the majority of citizens speak than just going off assumptions.

13. Not carrying toilet paper 

Always carry toilet paper, most public restrooms don’t provide toilet paper. It’s best to be always over-prepared than under-prepared.

14. Not having change for restrooms 

It cost money around the world to use public restrooms, it’s not a huge amount of money but they do charge you. This money goes to the upkeeping of the restrooms. Always carry change as you never know whether you will get charged.

15. Not arranging your hotel/airport transfers

You need to arrange and research this before traveling. It makes you a target to criminals or being taken advantage of when you arrive at a place and look lost or start asking around for transportation. Always book a transfer in advance. Not everyone trying to help you is really helping you.

16. Poor accommodation location 

I do get it, accommodation is always pricey and we are all always looking for a cheap deal. Before booking accommodation research its location and its proximity to places you would like to go. It’s not worth getting a cheap place but having to spend a lot on transportation because your accommodation is far from everything.

17. Dressing like a tourist 

Always try to blend in with the locals with what you wear. Avoid looking like tourists, this draws attention to you and makes you an easy target.

18. Taking pictures of everything

Stop taking pictures everywhere and of everything. Most of those pictures are just useless and you will never get to use them. Be intentional with the pictures you take and not just to get your memory card full. Taking a lot of pictures also draws attention to you and makes you a target.

19. Taking pictures of only tourist spots 

Stop taking pictures of only tourist spots, there are so many hidden gems and beautiful places you can take pictures of at every destination you visit. Mix it up and get to have the best of both worlds. Let your pictures stand out from the normal spots where everyone takes pictures at.

20. Taking inappropriate pictures 

Avoid taking pictures at places there are signs that you shouldn’t take pictures or you can’t take pictures while dressed in a certain manner. You are a tourist going to other people’s environments and should respect their rules and traditions. Be careful when taking pictures at holy places, spiritual places, and places you are not allowed to.

21. Breaking the law 

Always research the countries’ rules and regulations you are planning to visit. Don’t do things you would normally not do in your own country, in regard to the law. It’s not a great experience to be arrested in a foreign country, always be on your best behavior.

22. Buying a black suitcase 

Don’t buy a black suitcase, everyone buys one. This increases someone taking your suitcase by mistake as chances are high you will have the exact same type of black suitcase as someone else. To avoid that, try buying a different color and always have a tag with your name and cellphone number on it.


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