Did you really travel somewhere if you don’t have any pictures to show for it? My younger brother once took a road trip exploring Namibia with his school but to this day we haven’t seen any pictures of all the beautiful places he went to and it’s not because of lack of having a phone because he had one. He just didn’t take any pictures.


To this day we keep making jokes about how he never traveled cause how come you don’t have any pictures to show for it?

So I get the importance of taking pictures but it gets harder when you travel solo and there’s no one to take your pictures. I’ve come up with a few tips for taking amazing photos of yourself while traveling alone.

1. Get yourself a tripod and Bluetooth remote (remote shutter). Never travel alone without these two things, they are game changers.

2. Always clean the lenses of your smartphone or camera to get clear photos. Sometimes your photos come out blurry just because of a dirty lens.


3. When taking pictures indoors try to use a ring light or make use of external light e.g. opening the windows or curtains, this brings more life to the photos.

4. Find a photographer in the city you are visiting. This is when you want professional shots. You can find them on Instagram just by searching the city you are visiting plus the photographer. You get to see their portfolio and can vet them that way. Once you find the one you like, send them a message and enquire about dates and prices, etc.

5. Ask people. Most people don’t really mind helping out when you ask them to take a picture of you. Just be discrete when asking, I advise you to ask your tour guide, staff at the hotel you stay in, or other tourists.

These are just a few but they can make a big difference to you, the next time you are traveling.

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