Most African countries if not all are developing countries and the best way to grow and develop to a better stage is through learning from each other. Let’s build Africa together by learning from these few things South Africa has been doing right. The following are a few things working for South Africa right now, other African countries should try


1. Support Local

South Africans are big on supporting products made in South Africa. They go out of their way to make sure they are buying products labeled Made in South Africa or Proudly South African. By supporting their own products, they are promoting entrepreneurship within the country. South Africans supporting their own products also encourages an increase in production of these products and other countries start importing these products as well as they see how much support it gets in South Africa. Prices of these products are normally cheaper than products imported into South Africa.

Other African countries don’t support their own and prefer buying from South Africa and other countries. In other countries, local products are more expensive than imported products. We really need to start supporting and promoting our own products like South Africa and import fewer products like others.

2. Support Content Creators

In South Africa, content creators and people in the entertainment industry get so much support from their own people (South Africans). There are so many creators but each one gets so much support and has huge amounts of followers. Content Creators themselves support each other than being in constant competition with each other. In other countries like Namibia, content creators don’t get any support, it’s mostly foreigners that support them and they are in constant competition with each other which results in them not growing as creators.

The creative and entertainment industry is thriving in South Africa because of the support of its citizens and most creators start getting international recognition and partnership as well. As for other African countries, their creative and entertainment industry are close to non-existent because of the lack of support. South Africans have mastered this and other African countries should learn from them.

3. Love & Value for natural resources


South Africans love and value their natural resources mostly their tourist attractions, this is why it’s one of the tourist hubs of Africa. They really take care of their attractions and beaches. South Africans have a sense of conservation where they want to preserve natural resources. People are cleaner in those areas and just don’t litter around. South Africans have a deep love for their country as to why they want to care for it.

4. Road Maintenance

South Africans take pride in their country and try to always improve it. Roads are well-kept in South Africa which attracts tourists for more Road trips within the country. South Africa makes sure to have good roads and works on maintaining them regularly. Other countries have so many potholes that people don’t like traveling on their roads. People look at these things before visiting a country as well. African countries should improve on this.

5. Universities

South African universities are practical, you can see, touch and experiment with things. It’s not only theory base and you get to have a good understanding of what you are studying and this prepares you for the real world. South Africa tries as much as possible to make equipment available for its students. This is why South Africa has top-rated African universities. In other countries teaching is mostly theory base with no practicals involved.

6. Developing own country

South Africans don’t travel or relocate out of their country as much as other nationalities do. They believe in staying in their country and developing it. They invest in their real estate, start businesses, etc which helps develop their country. They practice the principle of charity starting at home. Most Africans prefer relocating to South Africa or any other country, to work hard in that country and end up developing that specific country more than their own. Once they leave their own country, they forget about it and focus on just relocating their family still left there instead of helping with the development of the country with the money they are making.

7. Accountability

South Africans hold their leaders accountable for things happening in their country. They are very vocal when it comes to issues affecting them, they don’t just sit back and let the government do as they please. They will unite and protest till they get a result of what they want or get an improvement. They take matters into their own hands and then just sit around and complain.


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