Finding accommodation is a crucial and unavoidable phase in planning a trip. Everyone wants to discover the BEST accommodation that their budget will allow. There are ways to optimize your accommodation search, whether you’re looking for an all-inclusive resort, a cozy Bed & Breakfast, or a room in a hostel.


I hope you will find the information I’ve learned from planning vacations in South Africa, Namibia, and other places valuable. These pointers will assist you in understanding how to focus your search for accommodations and which websites and apps to use. To locate fantastic lodging every time you travel, keep reading.

3 Ways To Optimise Your Accommodation Search

1. Read travel blogs to guide your choices

Travel blogs are the plug, for sure! Browse blog postings on the place you plan to go and study their reviews of the neighborhoods and hotels. Then, let the free advice from travel blogs direct your selection of accommodations. If you have subscribed to that blog and developed trust in its sincerity, this is particularly effective.

2. Read accommodation reviews

Always read at least 3 reviews of the accommodation before you pay. There are certain things that won’t come across in the advertisement. Maybe it looks nothing like the pictures! Maybe the host is unpleasant. Maybe the WiFI that you are counting on doesn’t even work. If you don’t find the answers in the reviews, feel free to contact the accommodation and ASK any questions you have BEFORE you pay. Rather know for sure instead of making assumptions.

3. Know what you are looking for

Prior to beginning your search for accommodation, it can be helpful to know what you want. Knowing what you want can make it easier for you to sort through the sea of available possibilities without being too confused or overwhelmed. Your budget, the area, and the number of rooms you require are some key factors to decide on before you start your accommodation search. To further simplify your search, expand this list and be as detailed as you can. You can narrow down your search for accommodations if you specify that you desire a pool and air conditioning. Spend less time looking at options that don’t meet your needs.


Accommodation Websites/Apps

You always want to make sure you are getting the greatest possible price on your accommodation, right? After you’ve already paid, it stinks to discover cheaper accommodation options (Stop browsing after you’ve paid!). It’s fun to find a place to stay when you know you’re doing it correctly. Thankfully, there are websites and apps that make finding accommodations quick and simple.

I was able to identify and sort through accommodation possibilities that fit within my price range with the assistance of these websites and applications for accommodations.

For Hotels, Resorts Booking.Com is a great resource for finding all different sorts of accommodation (hotels, bed and breakfasts, villas, and hostels) all over the world. This is the procedure. You enter your location, arrival and departure dates, and the number of visitors and rooms, and it displays all of the alternatives.

SIMPLE 🙂 Knowing what you want helps when using because you can organize the search results by the most popular choices, price, and review scores. Additionally, you may use filters to narrow down your search results to just show you the options you can afford and the items you are actively seeking.

For Homes, Rooms, And Unique Spaces Search For Accommodation On Airbnb

Airbnb is brilliant. People who own homes, rooms, cottages, hostels, or mansions offer short-term rentals through Airbnb.

This entails that you can rent out a complete home for a group vacation and enjoy total seclusion while on vacation. And if you’re traveling alone, you can save money by choosing to reserve a place on Airbnb rather than a hotel.

There are more thorough filter options on Airbnb. The search results can be filtered based on particular facilities, amenities, and even house rules. This saves so much time!

Although it was founded in 2008, Airbnb hasn’t quite earned everyone’s confidence, and many people still value the security and assurance that come with staying in well-known hotels.

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