Not sure where to begin when applying for your Schengen visa? For the majority, applying for a Schengen visa can be very intimidating and stressful. You have currently downloaded all necessary documents and are attempting to make sense of what each one signifies and what is expected of you.


I’m here to ease your burden and streamline the application process if you’ve found yourself on my blog.

I have created a draft of a few templates that will aid you with your applications and a word document that you can download and modify as necessary.

1. Employment Letter

It’s crucial to keep in mind that each country has specific letter requirements, so read them carefully. Some checklists might not include an employment letter, but I STRONGLY RECOMMEND having one in place. It is better to be overprepared than underprepared, as some people have reported being requested to produce this document, which will cause delays in the issuance of your visa. By including the information that you will be on leave for that amount of time and that your absence has been approved, this template will effectively kill two birds with one stone.

You can also include the letter that Human Resources gives you as additional evidence of your employment (as some companies have a standard letter in place in the organization). The purpose of providing this document is for the Embassy to note that you are employed and have the intention of returning back to your home country.

I would suggest getting your manager to approve the letter because they are the ones that authorize your leave days and are aware of your whereabouts. The phrasing is also clear in showing that you told them you would be visiting this particular nation but did not intend to hold them responsible if you went somewhere else, which will comfort your manager or employer.

Letter Template:


2. Invitation Letter

Let’s discuss invitation letters from friends and/or relatives in countries that grant Schengen visas. Those requesting business visas don’t need to worry about this step because the organization that invited them will know what letter to provide you, but if you’re requesting a tourist or family/friend visit visa, you need to worry about this step. The invitation letter, which requests the person to confirm that you will be living with them, is crucial for demonstrating that you are staying with a particular person who is already established in the nation.


By signing this letter, the person agrees to be accountable for you during your whole stay. They must also include their address, information about their relationship with the applicant, and the dates they will be staying. P.S. This template applies to all nations unless specified in the checklist for more specific information like an itinerary and other details.

There is more detail in the below template:
Invitees name

Invitees address


Embassy name

Embassy address

Re: Invitation Letter for (insert your name) with Passport No. (insert your passport number)

Dear Sir/Madam,

I, (invitee full name), currently residing at (address of the invitee) and a resident of (insert country they are resident of), am writing this letter to support the visa application of (insert relationship i.e friend/boyfriend/girlfriend/etc), (your full names), with passport number (insert passport number) who works at (your place of employment).

The purpose of the visit of (insert relationship i.e friend/boyfriend/girlfriend/etc), (your surname), is to visit myself and tourism in (insert country)

(insert your full name) will be visiting during the following dates: from (insert your travel dates)

During the specified trip dates above, we will be visiting me in (insert city and country). In addition, will be staying at (invitees address).

Enclosed are the following additional documents:

  1. Copy of invitees’ passport
  2. Proof of return to home country for (insert your surname)
  3. Invitees residence permit (if they are not a national of the country)

Should you require any further information regarding this matter, please do not hesitate to contact the undersigned.

Kind regards,


invitees address

N.B it is important to remember you can play around with the templates to work for you and your application as they work as a guide. Remember to remove the brackets when you insert the information.

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