Life rewards those who bet on themselves and that’s exactly what happens when you travel in your 20s. You really need to do it if you are in the position to. I started traveling in my late teens and it has been amazing. But there is a huge difference between traveling in your teens with that of in your 20s.


When traveling in your 20s you actually have a true picture of life and the world. You are more mature to make better-informed decisions and realize all decisions you make now determine your future.

When in your 20s you are able to detach from your loved ones easily and that distance is needed for you to realize how much you love them. Being away from family makes you strive to create or have a stronger bond with your family. You become closer than you were when home.

In your 20s you are the most flexible that you would ever be. I would like to believe you have no major commitments like a mortgage or having a child to take care of. You are free and have little to no responsibilities. You can travel anywhere at any time, there’s nothing holding you back at home. You will never get the freedom and time you do in your 20s.


The advantage of traveling in your 20s is that you get the chance to network and meet open-minded people around the world. The cause of your life will be shaped by the people you meet on the road, by what you see, and by what you realize is possible. You get exposed to different cultures and ways people think and do stuff.

This will change your perspective, when I moved to South Africa I got to encounter different types of people and learned so much from each of them. Being out of the environment you grew up in helps you step outside your comfort zone and grow. You realize there’s more to life than what you know.

You get to focus on yourself and become the leader of your life. Being in a foreign place makes you independent and gives you time to understand yourself and learn so much about yourself. It’s a self-discovery journey you will be taking.

You will be getting real-life experiences and will discover the true value of life and that material things bring more stress than happiness.

When in your 20s you are able to travel cheaply. You are more open to backpacking and not staying in luxury accommodations which will save you so much money. Traveling on a budget is more feasible while in your 20s.

You are able to do high-energy and high-adventure travel. You are still very young and full of energy to do high-adrenaline activities. You don’t fear taking risks as much.

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