Traveling is fun and we all want to do it but the problem is we can’t always avoid traveling. It’s so expensive that we tend to avoid traveling altogether but I want to help you travel more by sharing with you ways you can make your travel dreams a reality by traveling on a budget. Take a look at the following tips:


1. Group Travel 

Group travel is good for people who don’t have time or don’t want to plan their own trips or itinerary. You get someone that plans the whole trip for you, from the accommodation, and transport to activities to do on the trip. All you do is pay a once-off fee for all of it and this saves you a lot of money as the person does it for large groups and gets discounts and you get to pay less than if you would have done it yourself.

2. Stay at a Hostel 

Hostels really help in saving costs, as accommodation always takes the biggest part of your travel expenses. It’s cheaper sharing a room in a hostel room with someone than booking a fancy hotel room which you won’t spend most of your time in. While traveling you spend most of your time outdoors and just use your room for sleeping and getting clean, so you don’t have to spend so much for it.

3. Pack properly

Make sure to research the place and the weather of the place you are going to and pack accordingly. Having the right stuff and everything you need will help you avoid spending on new things you forgot to pack. this will help you save on costs and you can spend only on a souvenir of the place.

4. Traveling by Bus

Traveling by bus is cheaper than using a flight. You get to save on transport costs as flights are normally twice the price of a bus ticket, sometimes even more. The only downside is that you get to be on the road for a longer period of time compared to if you took a flight. You can use the time on the bus to sleep so you will be well rested once you get to the destination.


5. Travel with someone 

Traveling with someone helps you get a lot of costs as you split the cost of everything. You get to split the biggest travel cost which is transportation and accommodation. Paying for everything will be more costly for you than you splitting. The money you save you can spend on new experiences or even get to stay longer at the destination.

6. Go camping

This is the cheapest type of accommodation. Investing in a tent is a great start as you can use that same tent for seven years or more. Tents are very durable and campsites are relatively cheap everywhere. This also helps you get to experience nature to the fullest.

7. Eat local food

Avoid expensive restaurants and try out local food at your destination. Local food is always cheaper and the serving portions are always bigger than what you get at those pricey restaurants. The only challenge could be finding local food restaurants, you can solve this by asking your accommodation receptionist or local people where to find these places and go eat there. This also enriches your experience as you get to experience the culture of the country you are visiting.

8. Travel out of season

Avoid traveling to destinations during their peak times and during school holidays (most international holidays as well), as most people are traveling during this time and travel industries hike up prices during this time. You should travel before or after this time as you will still have an amazing trip and save on a lot of costs. Hotels and Airlines lower their prices to attract tourists during this time.

9. Self-drive 

This saves on cost as it’s your car and even car rental is cheaper. It helps with saving on the actual travel and on transportation costs while at your destination. If you travel in a group you can take turns driving and you all cover the fuel which cuts down so much cost on individual bus or flight tickets.

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